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Since opening our doors, CANEX Global Logistics has connected North America with our customers.   Whether it be within the city limits or the borders of North America, we have created solutions for all our customers to be one of the most trusted freight brokers in Ontario.   


Our cross border experience allows you the peace of mind to ship with confidence that your delivery will cross the border with the proper documents and instructions.  CANEX GLOBAL LOGISTICS has all the required certifications to instill this confidence in each of our customers. 


Our specialty is providing you with superior support on your LTL or Truckload freight by utilizing our vast array of shipping lanes.  Whether you need a shipment by the skid, or the truckload CANEX Global Logistics can provide you with a solution that will deliver your goods on time. 


We have worked with major suppliers in a "Just in Time" environment and our carriers work with us to provide you with an experience that will have you returning for all your needs!


Contact us today to Request a Quote for all your shipping needs. 

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