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Why Choose Freight Consolidation?

By utilizing CANEX Global Logistics to consolidate your freight you create a more streamlined cost-effective approach to your supply chain management.  With our network of warehouses and distribution points it allows CANEX GLOBAL LOGISTICS to provide you with a superior approach to meet your specific requirements.


If you have multiple suppliers all over the US and or Mexico this service allows you to have all your shipments setup and arrive to you location at one convenient time to you. 


Not all third party logistics providers carry a Motor Carrier Authority Number.   Having a MC Authority Number is required and at the same time allows CANEX GLOBAL LOGISTICS to provide our customers and carriers protection in order to assure payment is not only received, but on time as well in the ways of carrying a surety bond.  CANEX also provides cargo insurance on our loads, which guarantees the customer their shipments are properly insured. 


Additionally you can rest assured that all carriers crossing a border carry the necessary certifications and license. 


CANEX GLOBAL LOGISTICS can create a custom solution to your needs.  Contact us today. 


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