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CANEX Global Logistics has combined the best team in the industry to provide you with a custom solution to each of your transportation and logistics needs.  We have pooled a group of expert resources from carriers to warehousing to provide you with the required support you need from pick up to delivery. 


We have combined a knowledgeable staff with quality transportation and freight management practices, which has created a company structure that is designed to personalize a logistic system that works for you and your company’s specific needs.


At CANEX GLOBAL LOGISTICS we practice Lean Management techniques, by utilizing our extensive experience with our lean manufacturing customers in all industries including automotive.  This assures you the customer that each shipment you book will be treated with the highest level of service and quality control you need.

Not all freight brokers carry a Motor Carrier Authority Number.   Having a MC Authority Number is required and at the same time allows CANEX GLOBAL LOGISTICS to provide our customers and carriers protection in order to assure payment is not only recieved, but on time as well in the ways of carrying a surety bond.  CANEX also provides cargo insurance on our loads, which guarantees the customer their shipments are properly insured. 




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